Hurricane Preparedness for Pets

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As Hurricane Harvey approaches Texas shores and makes it way toward the Houston area, now is the time to make sure you have all the necessary preparations in place for your pet. Following are some of Animal Hospitals Champions Northwest and Jones Road’s recommendations.

  1. Have a two-week supply of pet food and water on hand.
  2. Secure a one-month supply of medications.
  3. Make sure pets are current on vaccinations.
  4. Put pets’ vaccine and medical records and an extra leash in a sealed zip lock bag. You may print these records from each pet’s Petly page. Logon to to visit or create a page for each of your pets.
  5. Have an appropriate size crate with a stable door closure available for each pet.
  6. If forced to evacuate, bring all pets with you in crates, or place them where they can receive care, possibly even long-term.
  7. Move pets’ sleeping area, beds and blankets if they are nearby windows or items that might fall on them. (It will be comforting to both pets to stay to each other during storms.)
  8. Be vigilant about the condition of outdoor fencing surrounding pets’ exercise areas. Check it now and make repairs.
  9. Locate and bring outdoor pets indoors now.
  10. Have a nylon or leather (not choke or pinch) collars with identification tags on dogs. A breakaway or stretchy collar with identification tags is appropriate for cats.
  11. Keep a favorite toy or blanket per pet with him/her.
  12. Place a pet rescue decal or sign on your front door/window so first responders know pet(s) are inside.
  13. If your pet has a microchip, visit the chip’s online registry to make sure address and contact information is current.
  14. Take current photos of your pets.
  15. Create a small medical kit “go” bag and include items 1, 2, 4, 11, along with waste clean up supplies; bandage material; non-stick bandage material or clean strips of cloth; milk of magnesia or activated charcoal (to absorb poisons or toxins); muzzle(s) – a men’s necktie will work in a pinch; 3% hydrogen peroxide; digital thermometer; eye dropper; and a large towel or blanket (to use as a stretcher).

We hope all of our clients and their pets remain safe and sound throughout Hurricane Harvey. We are open to see patients at this time, however, we will close the hospitals if the weather creates such a necessity. Watch our Facebook pages,,, and website for updates. We will make every effort to stay in communication with you.


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I love dogs and cats and being a part of a two great American Animal Hospital Association accredited practices.
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