Our Pet Fair’s Gonna Rock!

Don't miss all the fun at the Animal Hospital Champions Northwest Pet Fair on March 31!


About buttonschampionsnw

I live at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest and am kind of shy. I love Linda the receptionist the best!
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3 Responses to Our Pet Fair’s Gonna Rock!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello, Buttons!

    I used to live in Colony Creek, right outside your home at AH Champions NW. I saw on my favorite local artist April Murphy’s website that you guys are having a pet fair on Saturday, March 31st. How exciting! I would love to know some details, like when it starts, when it ends and what kinds of fun we might expect. Thank you!

    • buttonschampionsnw says:

      Hello Amanda! It is great to hear from you. If you have a moment, please visit our website, http://www.animalhosp.net, and click on the link right below the pet fair graphic. It should lead you to a four page pdf that lists all the info about our pet fair. (I am working on this right now, so it might be later today before it is available.) April Murphy will be at our event, and we will be exhibiting some of her wonderful artwork. Also, she donated the original art for our pet fair graphic and we are selling “chances” to win it. We plan to divide the proceeds among the rescue groups at our event. We hope you and your pet(s) can attend.

    • buttonschampionsnw says:

      Amanda – I just posted a link called “petfairpacket” to all the details about our pet fair on this blog! Hope it answers all your questions.

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